Friday, August 23, 2013

Joyce ;)

So today I hung out with Joyce and her friend and in the 6th picture that's Joyce's booniecorn she said its a boonie and a unicorn mixed together and my yellow boonie is a booniecorn so she wants to steal it ahh so yeah bye xD

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sorry xD

Today at like 3 am when I hung out with Justin lol o.o and ty for the greetings a few days ago ;D and sorry I haven't posted... oops. okay bye c:

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

haha c:

Those girls in the mall now whats up ;) haha and then me and justin hanging out again after the mall xD

Dino Partayy

So yeah dino party at the mall today with LourdeyLove, Takashi~, Beelyn and Fizzpop64 and also pretty gal 4 ya but she didnt stay long and Lourdey either xD so yeah it was fun with them like always and i stole the first pic from lourdeys blog sorry i just needed to show you guys barnie o3o

Randomerz xD

This was me at the mall with randomers and Gaga and yeah sorry for bad pics i took these with my phone cause i took so many pics with the randomers for my laptop to save but i didnt save them so all the pics went bye bye Dx so yeah my twin in the second pic we look beautiful ;3

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Party cx

Me and beelyn it was very interesting mhmm xD

Friday, August 2, 2013



Okay so today it all started when I was hanging out at the mall with pretty(one of my bffs) and Dale one of the people that im friends with on msp well was.... messaged me saying to give him his whole wishlist and earlier today well its still today cause I haven't slept yet so anyways.. earlier today he wouldn't stop asking for greetings cause I was sending greetings to my bf and my bffs that were online at that momment not to random people so I just didn't reply back to him when he asked so yeah he was asking for wishys later and he invited me to my room so me and pretty went to go see what he wanted then he said give me the wishys then I will leave you alone and i kept saying no to him bla bla bla and then he got mad i guess and started calling me names and threatening me to give him his whole wishlist and called me mean for not giving it to him like seriously bro all the stuff you told me hurt my feelings you know i was crying for 2 hours and I wanted to quit and give away my account i actually told 3 of my bffs if they wanted my account because I had enough with people bullying me on msp i just broke down and wouldnt stop crying no matter what and then I made my bffs cry which i feel horrible because they were crying because they didnt want to loose me. The only reason I didnt quit is cause i realized how much i meant to them Lourdeylove, Takashi~, Beelyn and Pretty Gal 4 ya my bffs that were online when this happend and they helped me get thru it by making me feel better and not quit by making artbooks and telling me how much i mean to them and how much they would miss me and I love all of them for that because without them I would have deleted my account probably o.o and thanks for standing up for me by telling him stuff on his profile wall bee, takie, pretty, lourdey and justin I love you guys so much tysm for standing up for me and caring c: so yeah please report Dale <3 only if you want.. so bye :)